Saturday, August 22, 2009


We (Steven, the Kids, and I), just got back from Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. Steven and I haven't been there for a few years and the kids have never been there. We were only gone for 2.5 days but that's the perfect amount of time with two young kids. (I forgot to take the camera with us when we went in to Jackson so there isn't any pictures of that.) Steven just got done with school 2 weeks ago so we decided to take a short family vacation before he starts school on Monday. It was very enjoyable, and very relaxing to be on our own schedule and not have to be anywhere at any particular time . These pictures aren't in any order. The above picture is of Kaylee at Old Faithful.
We saw a lot of wildlife, including this picture of a deer. Steven wonders why he can't see one like this during hunting season.

We drove all the way around the park in one day. We had a picnic in the park in one of the picnic areas provided. Here is the kids and I (and of course bear, we couldn't forget to take him with us, after all he is part of the family right?) after lunch before hopping back in the truck for some more driving.

Here is Steven and the kids after lunch as well. Too bad we couldn't just have a picture of all of us together, but there was no one else around to take one for us.

This is my favorite picture that we took, the kids after lunch. They were both such troopers the whole time we were gone. Each day was filled with long car rides, but they both did great.

Here is the kids and I at Mammoth. Kaylee hiked all of the stairs up to the top. Her little legs were so tired I'm sure but she didn't complain.

One of the many buffalo that we saw. A lady in head of us, going the opposite direction, told us to slow down because there was a big moose in head. When we got up closer this is what we saw. That's a silly-looking moose don't you think?

Old Faithful going off.

Steven and Kaylee at Old Faithful before it went off.

I have never seen a bear in the wild or in Yellowstone before, so this was quite a treat. Kaylee was so excited, but I think that I was definately the most excited. We saw this bear the second day we were there. We stayed in a trailer (Steven's parents') just outside of Yellowstone called Flagg Ranch Campground. The morning we were leaving to go see the park we stopped to see this bear. He was just barely along the side of the road. He was only about a mile from our campground, YIKES!!!! We also saw him the last morning as we were leaving to come home. The rangers said he hangs out in the same place every day. Talk about "watch out for bears".
We had an enjoyable trip. We are definately ready to go again. Thank you to Steven's parents for letting us borrow their trailer. It was a much needed vacation. The kids did great and I think we all had fun.
I will try to catch you up about what we have done with the rest of our summer later. Stay tuned.....

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  1. Yellowstone is my most-favorite place on earth! You are so lucky to be able to go! We're heading up there in 2 weeks with the Gary Eddington Family Reunion, so we'll watch for your friend the bear (and "moose")! That was a Grizzly Bear, btw... not a friendly little black bear. 'Yikes' is right!

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Fun pictures.