Friday, January 16, 2009

More December Pictures

Steven has contracted with our condos to push snow with his four-wheeler. Since we got so much snow in December he had to rent a skidster to pile the snow up higher. I don't know who had more fun Steven or Kaylee.
Here is Kaylee opening presents on Christmas morning. She got a cabbage patch doll, two barbies, some blocks and a bunch of smaller toys.

Kaylee asked for a bike from Santa. She got a Dora bike. She loves to ride it around the house, since it's still too cold to ride outside. She can't quite pedal yet, but she's learning.

This is her reaction to everything Christmas morning. She saw her bike right off and went straight for it.

Steven and Kaylee went sledding. Afterward, we couldn't get Kaylee to go in the house because she was having so much fun.

December at a glance

Kaylee had several chances to play in the snow. Here is one of these times. She couldn't even move because I had bundled her up so much. Regardless she had a really fun time.
Kaylee got two chances to see Santa Claus, the first time was when we got to ride on the Polar Express. She got to talk to Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas and then he gave her a bell.

This was her reaction when she first saw Santa. I was a little nervous that she would start crying. But she even hollered out as soon as he walked into the train car. She said, "Santa come see me."

She got to ride the Polar Express with her cousins Logan, Hunter, and Kade. They all had so much fun.

This picture was taken when we went to get Christmas trees. It made it nice to have the four-wheeler with us, that way Kaylee didn't have to walk so far.