Thursday, March 26, 2009

What We've Been up to the last Month.

Kaylee needed a new bed since Tyler needed the crib. We decided to get a bunkbed. It can be taken apart and made into 2 twin beds for when Tyler gets big. For right now Kaylee sleeps on the top. It is also nice to have another twin bed in case someone comes and stays with us (if Kaylee doesn't keep them awake all night by talking to them).
Every-once-in-awhile I am lucky enough to catch photos like these. The one above is my favorite. Kaylee is so good with Tyler I even over-heard her telling him ,one time when he was crying , "It's ok Ty's I'm here", I am very lucky that she is so good with him. We just have to watch her that she doesn't try to pick him up by herself

More of What We've Been Up To the Last Month!!

This has just recently been Kaylee and Tyler's favorite place to lay. Tyler likes that Kaylee is so close to him and Kaylee just likes the feeling of being the big sister.
Tyler is now officially 8 weeks today. He is getting so big. He is now to the cooing stage. We all enjoy trying to make him smile, which isn't very hard to do because he is a very smiley baby.

Kaylee loves laying on the floor too. This is what the kids and I do in the evenings on the weekends, since it is just the three of us. Kaylee likes watching her "buggies" (her nickname since she was a baby) show and eating popcorn.

Kaylee loves to play with play-doh. Her favorite thing to do is to make different things that she can wear such as: this mustache, earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. We even made some homemade play-doh the other day and she thought that was pretty great.

Here's another picture of Tyler. He loves to sit in this chair (I think because it vibrates), and just look around at everyone. He can tell our voices and so he looks around the room to find that person. All-in-all it's been a great month. I have gone back to work now for about 2 days a week. Which is perfect, it allows me to get out of the house two days a week. I love being a mom and am greatful for every moment I have with my kids.